Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Gardena, CA as of Mar, 2024


Mr Luna Landscaping Lawn Services in Gardena, CA

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The lawn care professionals at Mr. Luna Landscaping are here to help people around Gardena with all their lawn care needs regardless of where in the city they are. We can go from 182nd Street down south up to 130th Street to the north and various other roads in between. Our offices are based out of 153rd Street, which puts us right in the heart of the city.

It will not take long for our highly trained lawn care professionals to reach your property in Gardena California and deliver premium lawn care services or lawn mowing services. We love helping homeowners by providing the right lawn care services they need to keep their properties pristine and attractive. It is through our specialized lawn care services that we can ensure that the entire Gardena area can look as beautiful as it has been for years.

Of course, you are probably wondering by now, who is this Mr Luna person at Mr Luna Landscaping? That someone is Juan Luna, our founder and head maintenance man. He and his teammates at Mr Luna are available to help you with everything that your lawn needs. But the most critical point is that Juan Luna only selects the best and most well-trained lawn care professionals for your lawn.

Juan and his lawn service team believe is that every lawn in Gardena needs to be treated with a unique sense of lawn care. The entire lawn care and lawn service crew at Mr. Luna Landscaping understand that no two yards in the area are ever alike. This is a point that goes well beyond the sizes of the lawns around the city. A lawn in the Hermosillo area might look tidy, but that doesn’t mean the space drains well. Meanwhile, another space on Manhattan Beach Boulevard might be prone to weeds and other pressing concerns.

That’s why every yard maintenance and lawn service task completed by the folks at Mr Luna Landscaping is planned out with strict attention to detail in mind. You can trust the lawn care experts at Mr Luna with everything from mowing grass to removing weeds and everything in between. The distinct effort that we put into our lawn care and lawn service work makes us a trustworthy name that you will appreciate regardless of where you go.

You won’t have to worry about whether or not you can afford the lawn care services and lawn mowing services that we offer either. We have reasonable rates that are among the best you’ll find throughout all of Los Angeles County. This is for all our lawn care services and for regular lawn mowing services you might need. 

The fact that we’re local ensures you won’t have to worry about spending lots of extra money on getting the lawn care services you need. The estimates that we provide for any lawn service job are also accurate and will ensure you will not pay more money for lawn care services than what you can afford. You will get the best bang for your buck when you reach us at Mr Luna Landscaping for assistance.

Hire the lawn service and lawn care experts at Mr Luna Landscaping for help with your lawn care needs today. We will gladly assist you with anything that you need to have done at your property. The thorough approach we provide will see that your lawn gets the best lawn care services. 


Moreno Gardening Lawn Services in Gardena, CA

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The green spaces around the commercial properties in Gardena California are diverse in that they are filled with many beautiful sites that make them stand out. You can find some spaces around 139th Street or Western Avenue that feature trees lined up along a large building or small ornamental grass surfaces all around. These green spaces add to the character of a building and can make a space look more professional and positive.

Unfortunately, some lawn service providers in Gardena often aren’t aware of what they can do with their commercial lawn care needs. That’s where our lawn mowing services and lawn care services at Moreno Gardening come into play.

Our lawn care professionals are here to help with all of your lawn care needs. We will provide you lawn care services, lawn mowing services, and even include trimming bushes or trees around your business. We want to help your business look more attractive by keeping the landscapes and lawns around your property under control.

We also provide homeowners around the Gardena area with the lawn mowing services that they need. We stand out from other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers in Gardena for how we offer a thorough approach to mowing a lawn.

It is one thing for a lawn care team to help with mowing grass by keeping it short. It is another for that same group to ensure the lawn is trimmed to the right height. We will measure your grass to figure out the best possible height for cutting. Our goal is to provide you with a shortcut without exposing the lawn bed to where the space may develop weeds or dry out.

We will then use the appropriate materials to help with the cutting process. We can work with everything for your home from an electric mower for basic grass cutting needs to a manual push mower for sensitive spaces. Either way, we will clean up the grass clippings when we are done, although you could ask us to provide you with those clippings if you prefer.

We will also help you with trimming your lawn with the best possible cutting pattern. A quality pattern has to work to where the lawn will look smooth with the grass not becoming flat and difficult to trim all the way through.

There is one other thing to note – we also help apartment complexes too. Places like Fig Tree Apartments, Three Ranch Estates, and other apartment spaces have various trees and lawns around their complex buildings. We can help with all of the yards that a place like this might have.

The lawn care and lawn service work we offer here at Moreno Gardening will give your home or business in Gardena CA the quality look the lawn deserves. You can ask us at Moreno Gardening for help with your mowing needs today. We are available to come to your property during business hours or when the space is closed. Either way, we’ll let you know when we arrive and also what we will do for your property.


Yoons Landscaping Lawn Services in Gardena, CA

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The challenges of trying to produce a healthy lawn in the Gardena area prove that it is not all that easy for you to build an appealing yard space as you might assume. You have to do more than mow your lawn and water it on occasion. You also need to get the lawn aerated while also treating any weeds or unusual growths around the space.

But who can you trust when trying to make the most out of your lawn in Gardena? You can ask us at Yoons Landscaping to come to your property for help.

We know how frustrating it can be for people to try and care for their lawns on their own. The point is especially the case in spaces near the Rosencrans Recreation Center. The lack of water in the area and the nearby waste management plant makes it hard for lawns in that region to be treated well enough. But you can ask us at Yoons Landscaping to help you with maintaining your lawn if you live in the area and need an extra bit of help with managing the space.

The assorted variety of services we offer at Yoons Landscaping includes everything that you need for keeping your grass looking fresh. You can talk with us for help with mowing your lawn and watering the space. But there’s more to our services than the basics.

We can also aerate your lawn during the fall and spring seasons. We will also remove thatch and crabgrass during the spring so your yard will grow accordingly. You can also ask us about our seeding services for when you need extra help with getting your lawn to look refreshed.

We also help with removing weeds around your property. We will dry out any unusual growths around your property and ensure the rest of your lawn will not be harmed. You can also ask us for help with clearing out ant hills and other pest infestations that may show up at your space.

Our services are available for all homeowners in the Gardena area from Cassidy Street to West Rancho Dominguez. More importantly, we are available throughout the week with flexible appointment schedules. You could ask us to come over on the same day you contact us if you reach us early enough.

The best part of what we have to offer is that our lawn care solutions don’t cost anywhere near as much as you might expect them to. We can help you with all your mowing needs with a personalized rate determined based on the size of your space and the number of lawn care services you need. You will know what we will charge for services before we start working. Besides, the last thing you should think about when hiring lawn mowing providers in Gardena California is whether or not you’ll come across unwanted fees.

Contact us at Yoons Landscape if you need help with getting the lawn cut at your Gardena home. We love providing people around the city with the services they need.


Martinez Landscape Lawn Services in Gardena, CA

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One of the reasons why people put off contacting yard and landscape maintenance teams in Gardena California is because they think those services are too expensive for them to afford. But the truth is that you don’t have to hit the jackpot at one of those casinos in Torrance CA if you want to afford lawn care services. It is not like you are going to score a big hit anyway.

You can talk with us at Martinez Landscape if you need help with finding a qualified landscape maintenance group that will help you in many ways. We love assisting homeowners around Gardena with keeping their lawns green and fresh.

You will know what you have to spend on services when you contact us at Martinez Landscape for assistance. We will let you know how much it would cost for certain things to be finished for your space. More importantly, you will never bear with annoying fees when you talk with us for help. We will let you know about all the charges for services before we start working for you.

Our affordable yard maintenance services include everything that you need for your Gardena home. You can ask us for help with your regular grass cutting needs alongside other things of value for your property. We will remove the weeds and other unwanted growths that might have developed around your property over time. Our work will ensure that your lawn is treated well and that the space will not experience intense fatigue from the work we put in.

Our work is suitable for every property around the Gardena area. Do you have an apartment complex along Redondo Beach Road or a trailer park property off of Normandie Avenue? We will help you regardless of the situation you find yourself in. We are excited to provide you with the things that you feel are appropriate for your lawn. We understand that your yard is unique and that there are never two spaces in the Gardena area that are ever truly alike. But you won’t struggle when finding someone of value to your space.

The services we offer here at Martinez Landscape are all made with a professional approach in mind. We never delay when it comes to taking care of your lawn. We will appear with all the materials needed for resolving concerns surrounding your lawn. We will never delay when aiming to make the most out of your space. Besides, you have a life to work with, and you cannot afford to bear with delays when taking care of what you want to do with your work.

You can reach us at Martinez Landscape for all your lawn care needs today. We are available for appointments throughout the week. You can also contact us for on-demand services if necessary. We want to see that your lawn is cared for well enough without worrying about how the space might grow. But more importantly, we will ensure that you’re not going to spend more than what you can afford on our essential services.

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Arthur Nakazawa yard cutting in Gardena CA
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The hardest part of taking care of my lawn around Redondo Village is trying to keep the lawn from flooding when I water the space. But Mr Luna Landscaping has made the process easier for me by planning an irrigation setup that allows the water to drain well enough. The team helped me with a full aeration and seeding process in the fall and again in the spring. They also help with mowing my lawn every month to ensure the space stays attractive while having an easier time taking in the water. My area is much easier for me to handle, not to mention it never floods.

Sue Matsuo lawn mowing in Gardena CA
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My warehousing business on Gardena and Broadway has plenty of small grass islands and trees, but those spots haven’t grown as well as I wished they could have. I talked with Moreno Landscaping about what is happening with my space, and they told me that my grass spaces could be handled well. The people at Moreno were beneficial in providing me with a thorough lawn care service that includes mowing my area and drying out weeds without hurting the rest of the grass fields. The trimming services they provided for our trees have also helped our warehouse to look more professional. The place looks as organized and appealing on the outside as it does on the inside.

Kenny Kirkman grass cutting in Gardena CA
lawn-maintenance-in-Gardena-CA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Gardena-CA affordable-lawn-services-in-Gardena-CA affordable-lawn-services-in-Gardena-CA local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Gardena-CA

My house in the Redondo Village neighborhood of Gardena used to have weeds all over the place until I called Yoons Landscape for help. They let me know about what they can do to remove the old weeds around my property while keeping my lawn looking healthy all the way through. They did well with removing the old weeds and with aerating my yard so the space would not be likely to develop weeds again. My lawn finally looks green and bright thanks to what they have been doing for my home. I never thought my yard could look as attractive as this.

Natalie Ozaki lawn cutting in Gardena CA
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The team at Martinez Landscape does well with coming to my property every other week to help me with mowing my lawn while I am out at the Cal State Dominguez Hills campus. The team always cleans up after they are done with mowing my lawn. My favorite part of what they offer is that there are very thorough and careful with the edges around my lawn. My grass looks as beautiful as the grass fields around the campus. Best of all, I don’t have to waste lots of money when getting them to come to my space to help me with my lawn.